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Files for gd1980-06-13.144768.fob.nak700.severson.miller.clugston.flac2496

Name Last modified Size
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__ia_thumb.jpg 02-Feb-2019 19:36 2.8K
gd1980-06-13.144768.fob.nak700.severson.miller.clugston.flac2496_archive.torrent 02-Feb-2019 22:13 84.3K
gd1980-06-13.144768.fob.nak700.severson.miller.clugston.flac2496_files.xml 31-Mar-2019 08:22 70.4K
gd1980-06-13.144768.fob.nak700.severson.miller.clugston.flac2496_meta.sqlite 02-Feb-2019 18:58 130.0K
gd1980-06-13.144768.fob.nak700.severson.miller.clugston.flac2496_meta.xml 31-Mar-2019 08:22 5.3K
gd1980-06-13.fob.nak700.severson.miller.clugston.flac2496.ffp 02-Feb-2019 18:58 1.7K
gd1980-06-13.fob.nak700.severson.miller.clugston.flac2496.md5 02-Feb-2019 18:58 2.0K
gd1980-06-13.fob.nak700.severson.miller.clugston.flac2496.txt 02-Feb-2019 18:58 3.2K
gd80-06-13 s1t01 Crowd.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:33 35.8K
gd80-06-13 s1t01 Crowd.flac 02-Feb-2019 17:38 68.0M
gd80-06-13 s1t01 Crowd.mp3 02-Feb-2019 18:59 4.5M
gd80-06-13 s1t01 Crowd.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:12 2.5M
gd80-06-13 s1t01 Crowd.png 02-Feb-2019 19:16 11.1K
gd80-06-13 s1t01 Crowd_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:27 215.7K
gd80-06-13 s1t02 New Minglewood Blues.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:33 101.5K
gd80-06-13 s1t02 New Minglewood Blues.flac 02-Feb-2019 17:45 197.6M
gd80-06-13 s1t02 New Minglewood Blues.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:01 11.9M
gd80-06-13 s1t02 New Minglewood Blues.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:12 6.5M
gd80-06-13 s1t02 New Minglewood Blues.png 02-Feb-2019 19:26 10.6K
gd80-06-13 s1t02 New Minglewood Blues_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:29 196.7K
gd80-06-13 s1t03 Sugaree.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:31 153.7K
gd80-06-13 s1t03 Sugaree.flac 02-Feb-2019 17:54 317.3M
gd80-06-13 s1t03 Sugaree.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:02 19.7M
gd80-06-13 s1t03 Sugaree.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:09 10.8M
gd80-06-13 s1t03 Sugaree.png 02-Feb-2019 19:25 10.5K
gd80-06-13 s1t03 Sugaree_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:30 183.6K
gd80-06-13 s1t04 Mama Tried.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:34 32.5K
gd80-06-13 s1t04 Mama Tried.flac 02-Feb-2019 17:55 61.5M
gd80-06-13 s1t04 Mama Tried.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:01 3.7M
gd80-06-13 s1t04 Mama Tried.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:11 2.1M
gd80-06-13 s1t04 Mama Tried.png 02-Feb-2019 19:20 12.0K
gd80-06-13 s1t04 Mama Tried_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 216.1K
gd80-06-13 s1t05 Mexicali Blues.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:31 70.4K
gd80-06-13 s1t05 Mexicali Blues.flac 02-Feb-2019 17:58 140.3M
gd80-06-13 s1t05 Mexicali Blues.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:00 8.6M
gd80-06-13 s1t05 Mexicali Blues.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:13 4.8M
gd80-06-13 s1t05 Mexicali Blues.png 02-Feb-2019 19:21 10.3K
gd80-06-13 s1t05 Mexicali Blues_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 198.3K
gd80-06-13 s1t06 Candyman.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:30 74.4K
gd80-06-13 s1t06 Candyman.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:04 170.9M
gd80-06-13 s1t06 Candyman.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:00 10.4M
gd80-06-13 s1t06 Candyman.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:07 5.7M
gd80-06-13 s1t06 Candyman.png 02-Feb-2019 19:23 10.5K
gd80-06-13 s1t06 Candyman_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:30 198.4K
gd80-06-13 s1t07 Passenger.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:32 66.9K
gd80-06-13 s1t07 Passenger.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:06 131.0M
gd80-06-13 s1t07 Passenger.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:01 7.9M
gd80-06-13 s1t07 Passenger.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:16 4.4M
gd80-06-13 s1t07 Passenger.png 02-Feb-2019 19:17 10.9K
gd80-06-13 s1t07 Passenger_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 203.9K
gd80-06-13 s1t08 Althea.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:32 88.1K
gd80-06-13 s1t08 Althea.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:11 192.9M
gd80-06-13 s1t08 Althea.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:00 11.4M
gd80-06-13 s1t08 Althea.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:08 6.4M
gd80-06-13 s1t08 Althea.png 02-Feb-2019 19:17 10.7K
gd80-06-13 s1t08 Althea_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 189.7K
gd80-06-13 s1t09 Lost Sailor.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:30 59.4K
gd80-06-13 s1t09 Lost Sailor.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:14 134.9M
gd80-06-13 s1t09 Lost Sailor.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:04 8.2M
gd80-06-13 s1t09 Lost Sailor.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:15 4.5M
gd80-06-13 s1t09 Lost Sailor.png 02-Feb-2019 19:18 10.5K
gd80-06-13 s1t09 Lost Sailor_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:29 199.9K
gd80-06-13 s1t10 Saint Of Circumstance.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:32 66.1K
gd80-06-13 s1t10 Saint Of Circumstance.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:16 133.7M
gd80-06-13 s1t10 Saint Of Circumstance.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:05 8.1M
gd80-06-13 s1t10 Saint Of Circumstance.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:14 4.5M
gd80-06-13 s1t10 Saint Of Circumstance.png 02-Feb-2019 19:21 11.4K
gd80-06-13 s1t10 Saint Of Circumstance_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:29 201.1K
gd80-06-13 s1t11 Deal.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:32 63.3K
gd80-06-13 s1t11 Deal.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:18 127.2M
gd80-06-13 s1t11 Deal.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:05 7.8M
gd80-06-13 s1t11 Deal.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:16 4.3M
gd80-06-13 s1t11 Deal.png 02-Feb-2019 19:23 10.8K
gd80-06-13 s1t11 Deal_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 199.7K
gd80-06-13 s2t01 Crowd.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:31 8.5K
gd80-06-13 s2t01 Crowd.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:18 17.0M
gd80-06-13 s2t01 Crowd.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:05 1.1M
gd80-06-13 s2t01 Crowd.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:13 647.0K
gd80-06-13 s2t01 Crowd.png 02-Feb-2019 19:20 8.3K
gd80-06-13 s2t01 Crowd_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 238.8K
gd80-06-13 s2t02 Don 't Ease Me In.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:33 58.8K
gd80-06-13 s2t02 Don 't Ease Me In.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:20 116.3M
gd80-06-13 s2t02 Don 't Ease Me In.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:00 7.0M
gd80-06-13 s2t02 Don 't Ease Me In.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:15 3.9M
gd80-06-13 s2t02 Don 't Ease Me In.png 02-Feb-2019 19:22 10.8K
gd80-06-13 s2t02 Don 't Ease Me In_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 212.3K
gd80-06-13 s2t03 Let It Grow.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:31 114.2K
gd80-06-13 s2t03 Let It Grow.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:25 240.1M
gd80-06-13 s2t03 Let It Grow.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:06 14.3M
gd80-06-13 s2t03 Let It Grow.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:11 7.8M
gd80-06-13 s2t03 Let It Grow.png 02-Feb-2019 19:20 11.6K
gd80-06-13 s2t03 Let It Grow_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 192.0K
gd80-06-13 s2t04 China Cat Sunflower.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:31 61.8K
gd80-06-13 s2t04 China Cat Sunflower.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:28 129.3M
gd80-06-13 s2t04 China Cat Sunflower.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:05 7.9M
gd80-06-13 s2t04 China Cat Sunflower.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:14 4.3M
gd80-06-13 s2t04 China Cat Sunflower.png 02-Feb-2019 19:22 10.8K
gd80-06-13 s2t04 China Cat Sunflower_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 201.0K
gd80-06-13 s2t05 I Know You Rider.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:30 92.6K
gd80-06-13 s2t05 I Know You Rider.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:32 189.5M
gd80-06-13 s2t05 I Know You Rider.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:05 11.5M
gd80-06-13 s2t05 I Know You Rider.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:07 6.3M
gd80-06-13 s2t05 I Know You Rider.png 02-Feb-2019 19:23 10.9K
gd80-06-13 s2t05 I Know You Rider_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 199.3K
gd80-06-13 s2t06 CC Rider.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:31 85.3K
gd80-06-13 s2t06 CC Rider.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:36 179.1M
gd80-06-13 s2t06 CC Rider.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:06 11.2M
gd80-06-13 s2t06 CC Rider.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:15 6.1M
gd80-06-13 s2t06 CC Rider.png 02-Feb-2019 19:20 10.5K
gd80-06-13 s2t06 CC Rider_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 199.5K
gd80-06-13 s2t07 Terrapin Station.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:34 132.0K
gd80-06-13 s2t07 Terrapin Station.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:40 294.4M
gd80-06-13 s2t07 Terrapin Station.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:04 18.0M
gd80-06-13 s2t07 Terrapin Station.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:08 9.9M
gd80-06-13 s2t07 Terrapin Station.png 02-Feb-2019 19:27 9.8K
gd80-06-13 s2t07 Terrapin Station_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:29 181.7K
gd80-06-13 s2t08 Drums.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:33 82.6K
gd80-06-13 s2t08 Drums.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:42 169.3M
gd80-06-13 s2t08 Drums.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:02 11.0M
gd80-06-13 s2t08 Drums.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:10 6.0M
gd80-06-13 s2t08 Drums.png 02-Feb-2019 19:27 9.1K
gd80-06-13 s2t08 Drums_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:29 197.2K
gd80-06-13 s2t09 Space.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:30 53.8K
gd80-06-13 s2t09 Space.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:44 115.1M
gd80-06-13 s2t09 Space.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:02 7.0M
gd80-06-13 s2t09 Space.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:07 3.9M
gd80-06-13 s2t09 Space.png 02-Feb-2019 19:26 11.0K
gd80-06-13 s2t09 Space_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:30 192.3K
gd80-06-13 s2t10 The Other One.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:32 81.0K
gd80-06-13 s2t10 The Other One.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:47 161.7M
gd80-06-13 s2t10 The Other One.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:02 9.8M
gd80-06-13 s2t10 The Other One.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:12 5.4M
gd80-06-13 s2t10 The Other One.png 02-Feb-2019 19:19 10.5K
gd80-06-13 s2t10 The Other One_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:29 197.5K
gd80-06-13 s2t11 Wharf Rat.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:32 97.5K
gd80-06-13 s2t11 Wharf Rat.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:50 208.6M
gd80-06-13 s2t11 Wharf Rat.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:03 12.6M
gd80-06-13 s2t11 Wharf Rat.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:10 7.0M
gd80-06-13 s2t11 Wharf Rat.png 02-Feb-2019 19:18 11.0K
gd80-06-13 s2t11 Wharf Rat_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:30 197.2K
gd80-06-13 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:33 110.8K
gd80-06-13 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:54 220.5M
gd80-06-13 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:03 13.7M
gd80-06-13 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:11 7.5M
gd80-06-13 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia.png 02-Feb-2019 19:25 10.2K
gd80-06-13 s2t12 Sugar Magnolia_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:29 191.7K
gd80-06-13 s2t13 Encore Break.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:33 68.2K
gd80-06-13 s2t13 Encore Break.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:56 114.4M
gd80-06-13 s2t13 Encore Break.mp3 02-Feb-2019 19:03 8.6M
gd80-06-13 s2t13 Encore Break.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:13 4.5M
gd80-06-13 s2t13 Encore Break.png 02-Feb-2019 19:19 11.1K
gd80-06-13 s2t13 Encore Break_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:28 194.2K
gd80-06-13 s2t14 Alabama Getaway.afpk 02-Feb-2019 19:33 65.7K
gd80-06-13 s2t14 Alabama Getaway.flac 02-Feb-2019 18:57 127.7M
gd80-06-13 s2t14 Alabama Getaway.mp3 02-Feb-2019 18:59 8.1M
gd80-06-13 s2t14 Alabama Getaway.ogg 02-Feb-2019 19:13 4.5M
gd80-06-13 s2t14 Alabama Getaway.png 02-Feb-2019 19:24 9.6K
gd80-06-13 s2t14 Alabama Getaway_spectrogram.png 02-Feb-2019 19:29 203.1K